Delivering an experience

Tanvi Mahadik
1st March 2021

A different and unique lockdown experience

I began working at Lightbox in a middle of a pandemic,  I thought virtual internships were easy as it only requires the two parties to agree on similar grounds and creativity was only on my part of the offering. But my time with Lightbox was a truly different and unique experience. Everyone on the Lightbox team had an understanding of the design thinking and process. In six months of working with them, I never felt that they were solely focused on outcomes, but that they also contributed to the overall process. There were so many times that I was asked to explain my design thinking by Shivani and that would extend to a discussion about the possible design concept & outcome naturally. 


The most exciting part of working at Lightbox was to learn about the portfolio’s brand insights, brand guidelines and how they are uniquely maintaining their business plan and thriving in these difficult times. Learning about what all the Lightbox portfolios truly represents and not considering them just another brand or service in the market was insightful. They all seem to stand for a purpose and a mission to solve something in India, wheather its delivery, feminine care, fashion, education or even furniture rental. As a fund, Lightbox operates on a certain set of guidelines and one of them was investing in sustainable businesses and encouraging other brands to consider the ESG principals. As part of my project, I created this visual that represents the UNSDGs