A promising year for India

Harish Talreja

The most affected companies are the loss-making tech start-ups. It is also interesting to note how the market capitalization of certain companies has increased or decreased since the time it went public. Some reached an all-time high, others crossed an all-time low. Read our take on how public markets have performed over the year

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Company building and culture

Pilot: Come learn and unlearn with us

Sid Talwar , Sandeep Murthy , Prashant Mehta , Jeremy Wenokur

Welcome to That's Lit, the Lightbox podcast, where a venture capital firm based in Mumbai, investing in consumer businesses in India. On this podcast, we're going to be talking about all things consumption, culture and technology. Our idea is simple. We love to learn. Come learn with us. Together, we'll dig into new ideas, new ways of thinking and new approaches to solving problems from industry experts across various fields. We hope you enjoy!

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