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Less is more is a mantra to live by

7th August 2018

Four years and $100 million. Presented with those numbers, most venture capital firms would likely have spread their bets and racked up a bare minimum of a dozen investments. Not Lightbox. The VC firm has backed just six startups across its second fund raised in 2014 and a $54-million expansion vehicle set up two years later. Simply put, Lightbox does things its own way by banking on a light portfolio of consumer technology companies to build winners.

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The Indian Matchmaker

Maansi Vohra
22nd July 2020

Why would Jio, a company that has rarely parted with ownership, agree to (or dare we say, actively seek out) partnerships and investments, and why now? What does this $20 BN mean for Jio, and how will these deals affect the broader technology market in India?

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Note from the Manager

Sandeep Murthy
3rd September 2020

COVID-19 made its severity felt during this quarter causing widespread lockdowns and an already major dent in the economy. To prepare ourselves for the pandemic’s far-reaching consequences, we decided to take a look at where these implications might trickle down to, including the inevitable recession

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