Tanvi Ghate

Vice President, Legal

For Tanvi Ghate, exploring what makes people who they are through the lens of their day-to-day lives is the best possible way to understand the universe. An approach that segues well into her role of enabling Lightbox and portfolio companies to navigate the legal complexities that come with building a young business. Her constant quest for learning, measured but definitive opinions, the ability to bring people together and think outside the box resonate with the broader culture that has come to mark Lightbox over the years.

At Lightbox, Tanvi’s scope of work includes structuring investments for the firm and negotiating terms to enable it meaningfully participate in a portfolio company’s growth. She supports portfolio companies on legal matters with respect to fundraises, ESOPs, corporate governance and shareholder relationships among others. Her mandate also includes building and integrating ESG considerations into the firm’s investment process.

The law is a destination Tanvi chose early in her life. After completing her education from Pune’s ILS Law College, Tanvi started her career in corporate law with AZB & Partners, joining the M&A and capital markets team and working with marquee companies on their IPO roadmaps. The fiercely competitive environment, emphasis on accountability and attention to detail were pivotal in shaping her work ethic. She subsequently moved on to a boutique law firm to gain experience in working with early stage companies on M&A transactions, which led her to Lightbox in 2018.

Tanvi balances work with a zest for travel, often to destinations that offer an opportunity to explore diverse cultures and people through art, craft, fashion and conversation. She loves to read and runs two book clubs, Deep Dive Club and The Reading Circle, and is always up for a good story.

What's been keeping Tanvi busy lately?

“Closing funding rounds across the portfolio has been challenging this year. A combination of creative negotiation, attention to detail and persistent effort, we have been able to have everyone leave the boardroom with smiles on their faces. These are the outcomes we live for! Getting founders to prioritise ESG considerations has taken some work, chiefly because they already have a lot of their plates. I also put on my student hat and completed the CFA in ESG investing.”