Does Venture Capital Have Product Market Fit?

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16th November 2023

The latest edition of the Lightbox newsletter explores the unique opportunities that India's fragmented consumption markets offer at the intersection of brand and technology. We also introspect on venture capital rediscovering its product-market fit. And finally, we bring you a deep dive into India's exciting spacetech sector.

The Lightbox investment philosophy is built on deep engagement with founders who are building differentiated technology-enabled businesses that address unique problems in India's fragmented consumption markets. Through this newsletter, curated by the Lightbox team, we bring you insights on business model innovation, emerging spaces, technology and much more from Lightbox's vantage point.

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Highlights from the newsletter:

  • How portfolio companies Zeno Health and Bombay Shirt Company are building innovative businesses for the utility and discretionary consumption markets respectively.
  • A deep dive into the five categories that define India's growing spacetech opportunity.
  • Our thought process on what the big reset in the startup ecosystem means for venture capital's product-market fit.

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