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We have interns all year round. They come from all across the world.

We rarely hire analysts.  As a result the interns are directly responsible and solely accountable for tasks assigned to them and work closely with everyone on the team across  functions and portfolio companies. Based on their past experiences and interests, they get real time projects, research spaces and do everything we do. Our goal is to empower our interns with all the exposure they can get in the span of 2- 4 months, get an insiders view of the VC world and see firsthand the nuances of running a start up.

This high engagement model keeps the interns busy and us on our toes. We've found that the interns keep our fingers on the pulse and bring a fresh and untainted perspective on evolving consumer behaviour. In return they get the internship of their lives. We work hard, joke a lot, make lots of decks, go through hundreds of notebooks and have incredible debates.  We also have the best coffee selection in town. 

There isn't a formula to what we look for. We like people who are intellectually curious, self-driven and very passionate about shaping the future. We often find people come here when they don't know what to do next. We throw them at the deep end and they leave knowing exactly what they want to do. Many of our interns are friends of previous interns. And we love that. Roughly speaking, a third have become full time at Lightbox, a third have gone back to school and a third have become entreprenuers.

Our interns are gigantic part of our culture. The best way to understand what that means is to read what our former interns. Go through the Intern Columns to read more.

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