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Interns are hardwired into the Lightbox DNA. Since inception, we have been privileged to welcome several talented young people as interns through our doors. Some, to our delight, have stayed on at Lightbox. Others have gone on to successful careers in investment banking, managing consulting, technology, alternative investments and, of course, entrepreneurship.

Good traditions should not just be continued. They should evolve.

We've expanded the scope of our internship programme to enable a more holistic engagement for the country's vibrant student community. In addition to the ongoing three-month internship programme, we have introduced a fellowship that offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in India's exciting  consumption market which is on the cusp of exponential growth.

The Lightbox Fellowship is designed as a one-year, intensive programme for undergraduate students who have a keen interest in the consumer markets, technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital. The fellowship is open to undergraduate students from any discipline. Each fellow is assigned a mentor from the Lightbox team and has an opportunity to work on live projects across the firm's functions and our portfolio companies.

Read what our first two fellows have to say about their experiences -- Inside the Lightbox Fellowship.

Engaging with students helps us keep our fingers on the pulse and gain fresh perspectives on evolving consumer behaviour. Both for the fellowship and internship programme, we look for people who are intellectually curious, self-driven and passionate about shaping the future. We often find people come here when they don't know what to do next. We throw them at the deep end and they leave knowing exactly what they want to do.

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