Collaboration, Culture, Camaraderie, and Coffee

Akshay Mehra
11th July 2019

The team has a ‘beginners mindset’ that creates a humbling atmosphere where everyone was constantly willing to learn.

One of the defining learnings from my time at Lightbox was the importance of thinking in frameworks. As I set out to encapsulate my 14 weeks at the firm, I thought to myself, why not apply a framework to my experience?

To that end, 4 C’s define my time at Lightbox – Collaboration, Culture, Camaraderie, and….Coffee.

I’ll start by getting ‘Coffee’ out of the way. Kalaghoda Special Blend, Blue Tokai, and Black Baza are a few of the offerings. In essence, if you’re a coffee lover – you won’t be disappointed.

Moving on to ‘Culture’. The VC business involves making calculated investment decisions on limited sets of data. Invariably, this leads to a range of discussions in order to garner a comprehensive view of a business. Lightbox has successfully incorporated the inclusion of a wide-range of opinions into its investment framework; all members of the team have the ability to express their view. Additionally, regardless of the varied experiences that people brought with themselves, I noticed that all of the team did their best to hold a ‘beginners mindset’ when in meetings. This created a humbling atmosphere where everyone was constantly willing to learn.

This culture embodies ‘Collaboration’. With a seat at the table, everybody brings a different perspective that is taken into account. Apart from the investment process, we all work together on ensuring the portfolio companies are operating smoothly.

Lastly, we have a good time together. The ‘Camaraderie’ at the office was unparalleled. I mean, with the beers in the office, wine, and two gardens, it’s difficult not to have a good time. And of course, I’ll always remember the karaoke session we had at my farewell.

In summary – Lightbox provided me with the opportunity to challenge myself, work with a range of different people, dive deep into the Indian technology ecosystem, and engage in intellectual conversations with all members of the team. I’ll always be grateful for the enriching experience!