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7th January 2016

Indian women’s lives have changed. It’s time the jewellery industry changed. With Melorra jewellery women do not have to endure heavy jewellery that they take off at the end of the day with a sigh of relief!

Indian women’s lives have changed. Young Indian women are educated, accomplished and live life on their own terms. Connected to global fashion trends and well-travelled, they have the power of technology and the internet at their fingertips. They balance a career and home. They raise smart kids, are supportive spouses and are confident in their lifestyle choices. They are well-heeled, well dressed and make strong personal style statements.

They make a lot of decisions including what they should buy for themselves. They love to shop online. 100 million women in India will be shopping online by 2020! That is the population of entire countries!

80% of an urban Indian woman’s wardrobe today is western attire.

Most industries have taken note of the Indian woman’s changing needs and wants. Except one. The jewellery industry.

Women have access to the latest trends in clothes, bags, shoes or any other form of accessory. These days, with the advent of global brands in India, women have access to international styles at the same time as London, New York or Paris.

But in India or anywhere in the world, the jewellery industry lags the fashion industry by at least a couple of years if not more. This is a global truth.

It’s time the jewellery industry changed.

It’s time women had the choice of smart, everyday, light, wearable, fashionable, affordable and relevant jewellery.

It’s time jewellery becomes about the woman and her wants and needs. It ‘s time the jewellery industry puts a woman center stage in their decision making and design process.

It’s time the jewellery industry understands that women put most of their jewellery in the locker because it is unwearable, irrelevant,  unfashionable, unfit for the western attire that most women wear everyday!  What a waste ! This has led to a generation of under-jewelled women and women have resorted to artificial jewellery to fill the gap of accessorizing.

It’s time.

With Melorra jewellery, women do not have to endure threaded painful earring screws that keep falling off every time you put them on or take them off. With Melorra jewellery women do not have to endure heavy jewellery that they take off at the end of the day with a sigh of relief! With Melorra jewellery women will have trendy, fashionable, precious jewellery that works with their wardrobe – ending the big wardrobe mismatch. Melorra recognizes women for the modern, progressive members of society that they are and communicates to them in a manner that does not treat them like princesses from a bygone era!

At Melorra, respecting women is a core value.

It is time there was affordable jewellery so that women can buy as many pieces as they want to accessorize with different outfits.

As a woman I understand what this means and how jewellery can work better for all of us. As part of the erstwhile core senior leadership team at Tanishq, I have had a ring side view of the jewellery industry for many years.

Armed with those credentials and inspired by the modern Indian woman, I started Melorra.

So that young women could use jewellery as a true means of self expression.

At Melorra I have put together a world class team from Jewellery, Fashion and Technology to build a next generation jewellery company. To build a jewellery brand for the millenials. Every decision we make is only for one person. You. Our consumer.

All our designs are 100% exclusive to us- you will not find them anywhere else. Our jewellery is inspired by global fashion trends and like fashion, our jewellery designs are rapidly changing and innovating. Our global trend spotters collaborate with our designers to provide style guidance. Unlike all the industry ads splashed over billboards and magazines, none of our jewellery is over -the –top. Our quality team makes every effort to ensure you get a flawless jewellery piece of international quality certified by the best agencies. Our pricing is delightfully low. Our Apps- both IOS and Android- have been designed by the best designers in India to provide you rich content on the latest global fashion trends and a seamless customer shopping experience with simple navigation. So whether you buy jewellery or not, every visit to the app is worth it because you get to know the latest trends and so much more rich content that is useful and meaningful!

Fashion and technology change all the time to meet the customer’s needs. It’s time the jewellery industry took a leaf out of their books.

And that’s what Melorra is about to do. Get the app and see for yourself how jewellery is changing.