Monish Pathare

Consultant, Analytics

A technology enthusiast passionate about solving big problems and making an impact led Monish to one of India’s premiere academic instituitions, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, from where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and where he began his love affair with machine learning and data analytics. Following a series of high profile internships he began a career in data science with EXL Analytics.

His first corporate role involved working with clients globally in the retail and media industries to provide market intelligence and business solutions. That is where he realized the power of data in transforming businesses. Over time, he developed an interest in the Indian startup ecosystem and felt a calling towards helping entrepreneurs enable their dreams and being a small part of a great story.

As data analytics is central to our strategy at Lightbox, Monish empowers our decision-making and insights as a team, particularly as it relates to Pitch Intelligence, Market Intelligence, and Ecosystem Analytics. And in his spare time, he uses his data skills to find missing pieces in life's mysteries. All he needs is two data points and he will figure out the rest!

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