Karl Poonawala

Analyst, Investment Operations

He’s the go to man to execute a plan!

He completed his undergraduate from University of Warwick and spent a year dabbling with mandarin and Chinese economics at the Peking University in Beijing. Despite his love for the land of the dragon, India’s growth opportunity was too compelling to forego. Nevertheless, he believes India can draw strong parallels with China and there are valuable lessons to learn from.

At Lightbox, he plays an active part in surveying different landscapes and start up trends. Apart from which he provides fundraising support and works closely with our portfolio companies. A true entrepreneur at heart, he is always searching for the next big idea.


What does failure mean to you?
Giving up on something. It’s not failure if you are still trying.

What’s your super power?

Which is your favorite city in the world?
Mumbai with a close second being Shanghai

If you weren’t a venture capitalist, you’d be?
An Entrepreneur