Jeremy Wenokur


Lawyer dressed in venture capital clothing. Californian with an insatiable appetite for great t-shirts.

Netscape, AOL, Google... need we say more? He’s built these companies from the ground up.

Jeremy sold his first company to Netscape six months after they launched and then moved on to run worldwide search for Netscape. His first task at Netscape was to find a search engine. His search yielded him two smart young guys at Stanford who were building a nice little search product. He helped license it for Netscape, figured that they were on to something and eventually joined them and helped them set up their acquisition network globally.

Along the way he developed a passion for India and all that's possible in this market. He supports our companies with his deep understanding of internet business models and a global network of relationships that are brought to bear for follow on funding and exits.

rt @: fun fact: jim went to law school but never passed the bar. *shocks no one*

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