Bhavana Waigankar

Vice President, Head of Operations

The foundation, the rock, she puts the 'box' in Lightbox

Every organization has an individual who embodies the culture and takes care of the things that you never know need to get done – this is Bhavana. She manages the team, finances and events.

She exudes the ‘can-do’ spirit that defines Lightbox and is always up for any challenge.

She also plays an important role in helping our portfolio companies to settle into their new lives as they transition from a team of one or two into real companies.

Q & A

What does failure mean to you?  
It's time to learn more and learn from mistakes. I may not be successful this time, but have to keep trying and that is success over failure.

What’s your super power?
 I don’t break easily and never give up.

Which is your favourite city in the world?
As on today - Paro (the Tiger Nest gave me so much of peace), but don’t know after a couple of years something else on this list.

If you weren’t a venture capitalist, you’d be?
Maybe a Chef or a Criminal Lawyer.