Faasos Is Integrating WhatsApp Orders On Its App

Faasos, the food technology company, with an assuring tagline ‘Leave Food to Us’, aims to cater to the woes of consumers who don’t get to eat well-cooked healthy meals on a daily basis, and have to resort to limited food options while ordering food. It currently has operations across eight cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Chennai, Indore and Gurgaon.

It has been in the news for taking orders through Twitter and, now, it has launched a call-to-action campaign on social media, print, outdoor and radio (e-wallet, girlfriend, khichdi and delivery). Titled ‘We got your food, have you got our app?’, the campaign is promoting Faasos’ upgraded mobile application present across Android and iOS platforms. For the record, the app has seen three lakh downloads so far.

The Faasos app allows consumers to track their orders in real time, do cashless payments, order meals anytime and relish the food items which change daily. The campaign also brings to light the Faasos wallet feature that helps foodies store cash, which can be utilised for cashless payments during times of money crunch.

Revant Bhate, co-founder and head of marketing, Faasos, says, “The proposition of the business is to serve those people who, because of their fast-paced lives, end up not having four meals a day. Ordering food has its own set of problems, including menu, delivery time, minimum order etc. Faasos delivers four crucial meals a day, with a dynamic menu, in 20-30 minutes. The menu changes everyday according to one’s location, apart from few staple items. Hence, we chose a very call-to-action campaign.”

The company’s TG is consumers from 18 to 34 years, hailing from SEC A and B, living away from their homes. Currently, it claims to do around 3000 deliveries across eight cities in the country and aims to solve supply chain and quality control issues through technology integration. The company has a total of 125 fulfillment centers, headed by supervisor in charge, across cities from where food is prepared and delivered.

“Customers should not have to deal with the inefficiency of the supply chain and quality issues when it comes to food. This is the problem we are addressing by integrating technology in our operations. Our entire warehouse and supply chain is linked through technology through which we can control the experience of the product till the time it comes to us and reaches the consumer,” explains Bhate.

The company, instead of manual checks, records and monitors each and every aspect of the business through the mobile app.

“Operations and quality personnel as well as trainers visiting the Faasos fulfillment centers have to fill in their respective checklists, which is GPS-enabled. If he/she is present in that location, but hasn’t recorded the details, it will be known. There are 10-15 points which are recorded every four hours,” he adds.

The company bets big on its referral system through which its user base is expanding gradually. For every referral, a Faasos consumer gets Rs. 100 in their wallet as referral money. Although the company is investing in traditional media, Bhate says, digital continues to have maximum impact on its business, because that is where the TG is most active.

Speaking about future plans, Bhate reveals that, in order to further ease out the food ordering process, the company will be integrating WhatsApp ordering on its app soon.

Incorporated in 2011, Faasos owns and technologically operates all the three important aspects of a ‘food on demand’ business, viz. ordering (the most convenient ordering app in the country), distribution (availability of food across different cities) and fulfillment (delivery through the company’s own logistics or delivery boys). It has secured Series A funding from Sequoia Capital in FY2012 and Series B led by Sandeep Murthy-backed Lightbox Ventures in FY2015, which has assisted Faasos in its expansion plans significantly.

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Reverse Logistics In E-commerce: A Trust Factor

Reverse logistics, one of the biggest operational challenges in the world of e-commerce, has recently sharpened its focus. Hitendra Chaturvedi, CEO and founder of Greendust, is one of the featured experts in the following piece from the May 2015 issue of Cargo Connect.

Find below scans from the print edition:

Cargo Connect - Reverse Logistics article-page-001
Cargo Connect - Reverse Logistics article-page-002
Cargo Connect - Reverse Logistics article-page-003
Cargo Connect - Reverse Logistics article-page-004
Cargo Connect - Reverse Logistics article-page-005

Faasos Launches Version 2.0 Of Its Mobile App

Faasos, India’s first and largest food technology business today launched the upgraded version of its Mobile App (iOS and Android) to deliver an enhanced and seamless food-ordering experience to its patrons. The App is the first of its kind in the world that gives an accurate delivery time estimate based on the items ordered, the location of customers and current load at the delivery centre. It also provides an accurate minimum delivery amount estimate that is in sync with the location of the customer. Also, the app presents a different menu to the patrons depending on the location and the time of the day.

Launching the new app Mr. Revant Bhate, Co-founder and Head of Marketing, Faasos said, “We are extremely delighted on upgrading our mobile app with ground-breaking features that provide the accurate delivery time and amount, thus giving a compelling food-ordering experience to our customers. By coming up with the advanced version of the app, we have gone one notch higher in our attempt to serve the customers in the best possible way.”

The new Faasos app presents daily specials in the menu, breaking the monotony of regular meals. With the e-wallet feature, consumers don’t have to worry about payment on delivery. Food lovers can savour single portions without having to share with anyone else. With a hassle-free ordering procedure, consumers can place the order in just 30 seconds or less and track it in real-time. They can build their own combos and have a three-course meal without burning their wallets. They can even repeat their last order, with a single click.

The feature of providing a variable minimum order threshold depending on the distance of the customer from the delivery centre, allows the customers who stay within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance of delivery centres, to add a beverage of Rs 30 if need be.

Grow your e-wallet by inviting your friends to download the advanced version of the Faaso’s app and satiate you taste buds with all your favourite meals- from Biryani to Noodles. No matter the time of day or occasion, Faaso’s app delivers on its promise of timely meals as per your order, wherever you may be!

Incorporated in 2011, Faasos is India’s first and largest food technology business. The company’s forte lies in speedy and seamless delivery of quality food, high in taste. As the only vertically integrated food business in the country, Faasos owns and technologically operates all the three important aspects of a ‘Food on Demand’ business, viz. Ordering (the most convenient ordering app in the country), Distribution (availability of food across different cities) and Fulfillment (Delivery through the company’s own logistics or delivery boys). Series A from Sequoia Capital in FY2012 and Series B led by Sandeep Murthy backed Lightbox Ventures in FY2015, has assisted Faasos in its expansion plans significantly. With its wide assortment of sumptuous meals from breakfast to dinner, delivered to customers at any time of the day; Faaso’s aims to become the best-in-class ‘Food on Demand’ business in the country, with the apropos tagline ‘Leave Food to Us’.

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Cleartrip For Apple Watch

Online travel booking agency Cleartrip announced that they are the first to launch an app for Apple Watch, which can be enabled through the Watch app on an iPhone.

The app shows travellers a concise list of all their upcoming trips, and presents contextual, time-sensitive information when it’s needed, a company spokesperson wrote.

The app also notifies the user when a flight is delayed, rescheduled or cancelled, and 24 hours before a flight departure, presents the flight number, flight status and updated departure time.

Apple sold 1 million units of the Apple Watch on the first day of its launch, shipping more units than Google’s Android Wear partners in a year.

Apple Watch went on sale on April 24 in 9 countries – Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US. Apple hasn’t revealed a date for an Indian launch yet.

The most affordable variant of the Apple Watch Sport costs $399, while the gold edition Apple Watch costs up to $17,000.

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GeekWire Features Photojojo’s App

There are more than enough photo apps for smartphones. Between Instagram, Snapchat and countless others, it’s easy for anyone to snap a photo and then share it with their friends and the rest of the world, complete with a set of fancy filters and a sticker or two to boot.

Disposable Camera, a new app for the iPhone, is taking a different approach. Rather than letting users share photos more easily, the app prevents them from viewing the exposures that they took. Users pay $12.99 for a roll of 27 photos, and can then snap away. Once they’ve run out of exposures, all of the photos they took – which they haven’t seen – are printed out on photo paper and mailed to them.

Yes, it’s just like a disposable camera, in digital form.

Here’s a video that shows how it works:

The app is made by Photojojo, a company that’s very adept at selling physical products to camera-wielding hipsters, like instant film cameras and travel mugs that resemble lenses for a Nikon or Canon SLR. This is an app that appeals perfectly to that same demographic – people who want all the throwback fun of a disposable film camera without the hassle of actually getting it developed themselves.

Photojojo sent GeekWire a sample pack of the finished photos, and they’re real lookers – printed out on solid, matte stock. It takes 10 business days for a finished pack to arrive, so I haven’t received my own first roll yet, and that means it’s difficult for me to evaluate how accurate the colors are, since I didn’t shoot the sample photos myself. That said, the sample photos look and feel solid – more solid than a set of glossy images from a one-hour photo lab.

In my testing, it seemed like Disposable Camera is best used at an event, rather than as a replacement for everyday photographs. When I took my phone out with me to capture some sunset scenes at the beach, I constantly found myself flipping between Disposable Camera and my iPhone’s built-in camera in order to capture images that I could share instantly.

It’s also worth noting that users of the app will have to re-learn some of their old smartphone habits. When I’m wielding a manual film camera, there are certain cues that remind me to be judicious with my exposures, like having to wind the film after firing the shutter. On a smartphone, those don’t exist, which means that I have to resist my instinct to quickly fire off a few shots so that I can pick one that I like.

It would also be helpful if Disposable Camera had support for using the iPhone’s volume buttons as shutter buttons like the main camera app.

All of that said, this is a fun and novel app. Assuming the printing quality holds up, It’s a fun way for people to get photos without having to put much thought into their physical production.

Disposable Camera is available from the iOS App Store.

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MapMyIndia Featured On The BBC (video)

MapMyIndia and its co-founder Rakesh Verma were featured on the show India Business Report by the BBC, which is telecast every Sunday to a global audience.

During the interview Mr. Verma pointed out the importance of continuous innovation to make data more meaningful to MapMyIndia’s users.

Watch the full video below:

Content, Community And Commerce (video)

Jen Gieser, Chief Everything Officer at Photojojo came to Lightbox to talk about how this little company from San Francisco is using content, community and commerce to engage with photography enthusiasts.