We are not money managers. This is not about writing a big cheque. And we can’t stomach the word “capital” in a description of who we are.

It’s not pretty but the term "operating venture" best describes what we do. We are a group of perpetually optimistic, tireless workers. We love dreaming big and then committing wholeheartedly to make that version of the world a reality. While all of that fluffy stuff sounds great, the reality is that we love to get our hands dirty and deal with difficult day-to-day situations. Sometimes, we get so involved in the operations of our portfolio companies that we find ourselves in roles reporting to the CEO and we’re absolutely up for that. We’re in this to build great businesses and have no issues about which seat we need to sit in to make that happen.

"Operators" describes what we do and “venture” is the stage at which we work. "Operating venture" is a more accurate description of our approach to investing. If this is the type of partner you are looking for, please get in touch and see if we can align on a vision to build new and amazing businesses together.

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