In 2005 one company established itself as a survivor from the first tech boom in India. Others would emerge later but InfoEdge showed it had figured out how to generate profitable growth. This was an achievement in any market but especially impressive in the Indian Internet market of the early 2000’s.

The line of people looking to pump money into InfoEdge money seemed endless, but Sanjeev Bikhchandani was not interested. It had taken him a lot to build his company over a decade and he felt no need to complicate his life with new investors.

Until he met us and was introduced to Ram Shriram (a founding Board member at Google). Sanjeev saw the value from this relationship and eventually invited us to invest in his business. We worked closely on the Board of InfoEdge to take the company public.

*While at Sherpalo, we were involved with building InfoEdge and are proud to see it continue to redefine technology opportunities in India today.

Info Edge

Founded in 1995, Info Edge is India’s biggest online classifieds company. In its portfolio are brands that created the building blocks of the internet in India:,,, and Today it also has a stake in Zomato, Policybazaar India and Meritnation. Info Edge is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India.

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