At Lightbox, not only was I able to gain a very deep and practical understanding of the venture capital industry, but was also able to learn from such intellectually stimulating people. Each day at Lightbox, I have learned something new from a person or a task, which I'm certain will help me later in life. While I tried my best to give inputs now and then, I really cannot stress how transformative and valuable this internship experience has been for me. More specifically, it was an absolute pleasure getting to hear, at first hand, views of people that played a crucial role in the functioning of a company. Prashant, especially, was such a wonderful mentor who patiently explained to me questions I had and carefully reviewed the work I submitted to him. Oh, and I absolutely loved ordering FAASOS almost everyday and having coffee!

See what it’s like to build India’s most innovative consumer technology companies. Our intern program offers internships to current college students or recent college grads around the year. During the 10 to 12 week program, you’ll get real-world, hands-on VC experience helping tech companies grow.

We try to make the internship to meet your interests whenever possible. You may be assigned to one or more of our teams ranging from investments and finance to recruitment.

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