Photos, photos, photos. In a world where 1+ billion photos are being captured on phones every day, Zoomin is looking at global opportunities to enable better photo organisation and storytelling, but also creation and printing of photoproducts from mobile . Zoomin is currently evolving from being India’s leading photoprinting and camera sales site, to an international company with homegrown IP, now tapping into the $1.5 billion US market for photoproducts. The company is able to provide US consumers a higher-quality photobook than an incumbent like Shutterfly, at 20% lower prices, and still make higher net contribution due to significantly lower production costs in India.


Through its proprietary print and personalization infrastructure and world-class online and mobile products, Parabo has delivered millions of customer stories in gorgeously crafted photo books and gifts. The company is headquartered in Singapore with operations in India and the US.

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