Vikas Kothari


Vikas is explorer, builder and dreamer in equal share.

His love for technology all began with code. As an an engineer with a tech background, he began his career writing code for the automotive and avionic industries at Infosys, with stints at Boeing in Seattle and EADS in Germany. He came back home to Bangalore to work for an early stage industrial products company helping them to dream big and grow 5X in revenue in 2 years. But that dream was not big enough. So Vikas decided to move to the city of dreaming spires, Oxford, for his MBA. Whilst at Oxford, he worked with SBS Venture in the UK, building relationships between the fund and VCs in India in order to co-invest in tech companies in the country.

Taken in by the pace and pulse of the Indian venture capital industry, Vikas joined Lightbox as an intern but quickly became integral to the investment team.

When he’s not trekking the Himalayas or motorbiking the world’s toughest terrains, he’s spotting equally high-risk, high-reward opportunities in the Indian technology landscape.

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