Rashmi Guptey

Principal - Legal

The Hawk!

Every dreamer needs someone who makes sure they are following the laws of the land. Rashmi makes sure that Lightbox and our portfolio companies are legally compliant. Not satisfied with just one job and passionate about being part of the new technology economy, she took on the role at Sherpalo while already being the company secretary at Cleartrip. And simultaneously completed her law degree.

Now a qualified lawyer, Rashmi manages all the compliance and finance functions at Lightbox and helps our portfolio companies with their legal compliance.

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Articles by Rashmi Guptey


Is the Marketplace model even recognised under Indian Laws?

The DIPP recently told the Delhi High Court that the marketplace model used by ecommerce companies is “not recognised” in the country’s foreign direct investment (FDI) policy and that the financial watchdogs are to investigate any violation.


Streamlining the regulatory framework for e-commerce companies

Uber, the popular Bangalore based cap operator was asked to change its payment mechanism by the Reserve Bank of India. Popular ecommerce sites like Myntra, Urban Ladder, Flipkart, and many other have been under the scanner for various regulatory matters like FDI violation, VAT related issues, Enforcement Directorate probes for maters before April 2013, Payment mechanism violations etc. With each passing day new violations or potential violations seem to be added.


“Startup India Stand Up India – A Mixed Goodie bag!”

The Indian Startup ecosystem has attracted over USD 5.5 Bn of PE/VC in 2015 alone and is the third largest Startup base worldwide. It’s heartening to see the Government take notice and launch the “Startup India Standup India” initiative.


To give or not to give…

Fancy ESOP plans are drafted but not implemented or if implemented, don’t serve the purpose and pose administrative challenges.

20.06.2014 Economic Times

Where next will they cast the tax net?

I respect the government’s desire to increase the tax net, curb black money, money laundering and build transparency in our tax system. What I don’t understand is why they make us a part of a guessing game with unheard of potential levies from time to time?