Prashant Mehta


The endurance man. Here’s a man who rode his bicycle from Mumbai to Pune and back non-stop for over 13 hours and then trekked to Everest Basecamp the same week. If he can take on a challenge like that, the task of building businesses in challenging and chaotic markets is child’s play.

After Wharton, Prashant cut his teeth in the dog-eat-dog world of finance at Lehman Brothers where he understood the art of investing in emerging markets. Keen to learn more about how technology was changing the world, he moved to Silicon Valley to join Yahoo! where he ultimately led the commercial operations of the Emerging Markets group to generate over $150 million in annual revenues.

Having seen the promise of technology in emerging markets, Prashant and his family moved to Mumbai in the midst of the world financial crisis to lead an early stage technology start up – Komli Media. Over the next five years, first as COO and then as CEO, Prashant led an incredibly talented team to position Komli as Asia’s leading advertising technology company. Along the way, they grew revenues 50x and expanded into 10 new international markets. Prashant now spends his days chasing down the next big thing. If there's an idea more challenging than attempting Everest, Prashant is prepared to take it up that mountain.

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Articles by Prashant Mehta


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